Livin Room

The Livin’ Room Orangery solution combines the best of both worlds, the big glass roof of a conservatory and the beautifully plastered and painted walls of an extension.

A truly multi-functional glazed extension, the Livin’ Room Orangery creates a pleasant and relaxing space. Built around the well proven Classic Roof, a well-engineered internal framework is added, then plastered, to give a perimeter ceiling all the way round. Down-lighters and even speakers can be added to the new ceiling space giving your new glazed extension a ultra modern look.

The LivinRoom Orangery can be used in a range of shapes from Victorian, Georgian, Lean-to and Gables and is also suitable to be used with box gutters, meaning there is almost no limit to the design you can have. The addition of the external Cornice aluminium guttering adds to the overall external visual effect of the LivinRoom Orangery. You can even add sliding sash windows and even bi-fold doors to give a grander appearance.

So whether you plan to use your new LivinRoom Orangery as a dining room, a kitchen, or even a play room, you’ll find yourself using your new glazed extension more and more.You can also choose to add brickwork – perhaps a three-quarter or full-height wall on one side to tie the conservatory in even more with your property. Whatever you choose, gable-front conservatories are a grand and majestic option for any home of any size and they will never fail to impress your friends.